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Road to Net Zero

Achieving Net Zero

SK Innovation subsidiaries will make aggressive investments and speed up technology development to facilitate low-carbon operations and slash its carbon emissions. The company will communicate its actual progress towards net zero, which of course includes specific carbon reduction data, with external stakeholders and make devoted endeavors to reach net zero with sincere commitment and responsibility.

Reducing Scope 1 & 2 Emissions

25 % reduction of the emissions of the energy and chemical biz. compared to 2019,
21 % reduction of the emissions of the battery and materials biz. compared to BAU

SK Innovation subsidiaries has kicked off the “net zero operation mode”, which is a two-track approach to reaching net zero in Scope 1 & 2 of its existing and new businesses. The company plans to cut carbon emissions by 25% in the energy and chemical business by 2025 compared to that of 2019 in an absolute term and by 21% BAU. This target will be backed up with diverse initiatives, such as raising process efficiency, adopting low-carbon fuels, and introducing carbon capture/storage/utilization technologies.

2025 Mid-to-long term Roadmap
External Demand for Net Zero and SKI’s Response
SK Innovation has adopted net zero
strategies across all management activities
to respond to stakeholders’ growing demand for net zero.
* Avoided emission: Contribution to the reduction of GHG emissions outside SK innovation’s value chain through the expansion of eco-friendly and low-carbon businesses and products