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  • [2023] ‘Green Picture’ SK Incheon Petrochem Episode
    Title: Good Energy to Protect the World
    SK Incheon Petrochem fills the world with good energy*
    by supplying energy and resource recycling.
    *Good energy is SK Incheon Petrochem's ultimate goal that the company
    aims to achieve by benefiting all through an energy transition that reduces carbon.
  • [2022] "Flex to Green" SK Incheon Petrochemicals Full Version
    Hi Green
    Hi !nnovation
    Hi Growth
    Hi Flex
    Adding value to the environment and society with green energy
    Flex to green

    with SK Incheon Petrochem,
    a green energy provider
  • [2021] "K-Green is Innovation" Oil Business Episode
    K-Green means Korea will lead the green transformation of the world. The video shows SK Innovation's commitment to establishing itself as a leader of K-Green through the active implementation of “Green Balance,” a strategy that completes the company's growth and ESG. The oil business episode of "K-Green is Innovation" features SK Innovation, SK Energy, and SK Incheon Petrochem, which are leading the way in reducing CO2 emissions through low-carbon technologies that take the environment into account in their production processes.