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Overview & Process

SK Incheon Petrochem leads the way in making safe chemical products.
Stable profit has been established in the high-value-added-chemical product business like Para-Xylene (PX) and Benzene (BZ), based on catalytic reforming process using naphtha from crude oil, condensate and etc., We will enhance our competitiveness in the global petrochemical market by strictly managing the process, improving production technology & efficiency and acheiving flexibility on supply to meet the demand.
Chemical Process
  • Naphtha Hydrotreating Unit

    Removes the sulfur components of heavy naphtha separated in the naphtha splitter process

  • Naphtha Reforming Unit

    Reacts desulfurized heavy naphtha with a platinum catalyst to produce aromatics and hydrogen

  • Benzene Toluene Extraction Unit

    Selectively extracts high-value-added materials such as benzene, toluene and mixed xylenes using specialized solvents with excellent chemical properties

  • Benzene Toluene Fractionation Unit

    Separates benzene, toluene, and mixed xylenes, which are aromatic substances extracted through the BTX extraction process, by fractional distillation

  • Trans-Alkylation Unit

    Reacts toluene separated by the BTX extraction process with a catalyst to convert it to benzene and mixed xylenes

  • Para-Xylene Separation Unit

    Separates para-xylene from mixed xylene using the principle of adsorption rather than fractional distillation, which uses differences in boiling points