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Overview & Process

With cleaner energy, SK Incheon Petrochem will lead to a greener environment.
Based on the management philosophy of “Customer Satisfaction and Quality First,” SK Incheon Petrochem delivers products that are safe, eco-friendly, and excellent in performance while actively pioneering new markets.
In order to enhance the quality of petroleum products in the future, we will focus on improving our production facilities, advancing our refining process, and developing advanced technology.
Petroleum processes
  • Atmospheric distillation process

    Separate various hydrocarbon substances contained in
    crude oil on differences in their boiling points.

  • Light End Recovery

    Separates gas components from naphtha, which is distilled in the atmospheric distillation process, to produce propane and butane.

  • LPG Merox process

    Remove sulfur component from LPG produced from the Light End Recovery process to meet product specifications.

  • Naphtha splitter process

    Separate light and heavy naphtha based on differences in boiling points.

  • Kerosene Merox process

    Remove mercaptans, which cause a distinctive odor and have corrosion-causing components in kerosene distilled at the atmospheric distillation process, to meet jet fuel product specifications.

  • Kerosene & Gasoil Hydrotreating process

    Improve quality by removing sulfur from kerosene and diesel distilled at the atmospheric distillation process.