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Our innovations protect the planet and fill the world with positive energy.

The force that sustains our everyday lives comes from the life of the Earth. SK Incheon Petrochem's energy is produced from this belief.
Our steadfast commitment to safety underpins the prosperity of the members of our business and society, and our philosophy, based on principles of honesty and justice, serves as the wisdom driving us toward accomplishing our goals.
Our innovation to get ahead of tomorrow keeps us going every day, and our wish to support each other's growth drives us to change the world.
SK Incheon Petrochem enables the world to move toward becoming a healthier and more sustainable place.

Our innovations protect the planet and fill the world
with positive energy.
A company that prioritizes safety and proactively
innovates in energy and resource circulation to grow
with its stakeholders
SK Incheon Petrochem's core value to realize the vision and mission
Thorough Safety
We never take anything lightly when it comes to safety.
We thoroughly manage the safety of our employees working on-site, our partners,
the surrounding environment, and the local residents.
Uncompromising Integrity
We never compromise on anything
Even the slightest, when it comes to the various legal regulations and irregularities in our industry.
We maintain uncompromising integrity as we understand the huge impact our small actions and decisions can have on our surroundings and their environment.
Proactive Innovation
In the face of a dynamically shifting landscape of the industry
We do not become content with where we are but pioneer innovation ahead of the point of inflection.
Based on our bold organizational culture, we are continuously innovating and leading a new energy paradigm.
Partnering Growth
We envision a world where everyone grows together.
In collaboration with our partners, we facilitate the transition to sustainable energy, as well as the ways for mutual development with our local communities to foster shared growth.
It is the one-word expression to describe
SK Incheon Petrochem.
By combining the prefix “eco,” which represents the
transition to eco-friendly energy, and the word
“abler,” we express our commitment to actualizing
novel possibilities.