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SK Incheon Petrochem’s future
We will lead the way in resource-circulating energy innovation
A Green Energy Provider adding value to the environment and society

SK Incheon Petrochem continues to innovate its business portfolio to respond to the transition to low-carbon energy.
We aspire to transform into a carbon-neutral green energy company, leveraging our extensive technical expertise cultivated over years in the refining and petrochemical fields.

  • Organic waste to energy

    Promoting renewable energy production using organic waste resources, such as livestock manure

  • Recycle

    Producing renewable products from waste tires and waste plastic by utilizing pyrolysis oil

  • Bio-Fuel

    Becoming a biofuel production hub to address global carbon regulations

  • Hydrogen supply

    Contributing to the vitalization of the hydrogen economy in Seoul and the metropolitan area through the supply of byproduct hydrogen