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SK Incheon Petrochem makes the best aromatic products that customers want.
We adhere to rigorous quality control measures in producing top-tier petrochemical fractions, unwavering in our commitment to delivering products tailored to our customers' needs.
Molecular structure Molecular name Description Raw material
Benzene It is produced from reformate naphtha, along with toluene and xylene.
It is highly inflammable and has a unique odor. It must be handled with caution.
Raw material for styrene monomer, caprolactam, medical and agrochemical products
H3C와 CH3가 결합된 분자구조모형 Para Xylene PX is produced by adsorption separation of OX, distillate of mixed xylene. Its properties are similar to that of xylene. Mainly used for the production of PTA, the raw material of polyester
Aromatic refers to hydrocarbon compounds a cyclic molecular structure and unique odor, hence called aromatic.
SK Incheon Petrochem converts naphtha oil into aromatic compounds through a reformer process and produces high-purity aromatic products through extraction.
Our aromatics are mainly exported to overseas petrochemical companies as raw materials for petrochemical products.