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SK Incheon Petrochem supplies only the highest quality genuine kerosene.
We produce quality kerosene that you can trust.

With a boiling point range between 150 and 270 ℃, kerosene is extracted from crude oil after naphtha. The liquid is mainly used for household heaters and small- and medium-sized boilers.
SK Incheon Petrochem’s kerosene is a highly refined product with no impurities and excellent combustion capabilities due to the advanced refining process. It is suitable for small-sized heaters or boilers at home.

SK Incheon Petrochem’s Kerosene

Flash Point

The flash point is the temperature at which oil momentarily ignites and then extinguishes when gradually heated or when a flame is brought close to oil vapor. It is a measure for fire prevention.


Smoke Point

This measure indicates the extent to which indoor kerosene can burn without producing soot, represented by the maximum flame length in millimeters (mm) that can burn without producing soot. The higher the smoke point, the less tendency there is for smoke emission.



The color of the oil has no direct relation with the quality of the product, but it is an indicator of the degree of refinement and contamination. Kerosene is colorless and odorless, but long-term storage can cause it to discolor to a certain degree.