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Performance Appraisal / Compensation

You can fullest extent of your ability with a fair and competency-based HR system.

We operate a fair and competency-based HR system so that employees can collaborate to create
and grow into experts.

THE (Together, Happiness & Engagement) Growth HR

Capability over seniority, Support for growth as a professional

Respect for individual competency and expertise rather than seniority through job grade integration

Performance Mgmt.

Fair performance management for employee growth and motivation

Nurturing evaluation that supports growth through work & good majority motivation


Reasonable compensation system based on individual competence and performance

Enhancing employee pride and work commitment through a fair and competitive compensation system

Financial support

SK happiness card, pension support, longterm loan support


medical check-up, medical expense support
(including family)

Housing support

Loans for home purchases and leases, dormitory or housing expense assistance for local employees

Family & Childcare

Congratulations & condolences leave/support, maternity/parental leave, daycare center, tuition support


Hotels & resorts, gymnasium, in-house club support

Other support

SK family card, long service award, counselling/coaching, lunch/dinner support, etc